Product Details

Built to support the unique requirements of brokers, traders and service providers where verification of accuracy and proof of authenticity are critical to achieve customer success.

Brokering Sales and CRM

Brokering places special demands on your CRM system. Tradias is designed to support the broker sales workflow:

  • Sell products before you buy it
  • Create multiple vendor quotes per product
  • Require internal or outside service before shipping
  • Monitor gross profit per line and per order

See It In Action!

See how Tradias supports efficient organizations and happy users. Give users the right data, make their job easier, and prevent them from making mistakes. Give organizations efficient workflows and performance data.

Receiving and Inspection

Track, receive and inspect inbound product for accuracy and authenticity:

  • Track inbound vendor shipments
  • Scan boxes at the bay door
  • Assign the lot number inspections
  • Prioritize inspection based on delivery and service
  • Manage non-conformant product
  • Track calibration and maintenance of test equipment
  • Document inspection results for all time

Shipping and Invoicing

Deliver the right product to the right customer on the right day:

  • Ship world-wide from multiple locations
  • Manage pick queues based on delivery requirements
  • Automate pick and pack quality checks
  • Create domestic and international shipping documents
  • Automate shipping labels
  • Create detailed inspection reports at time of shipment
  • Automate invoicing based at time of shipment