Widget Trading Platform

Scalable CRM, inspection, test, inventory, and finance trading platform. The brokering and inspection tool you wish you knew about yesterday. If you could do it all over again, this is what you would use. Start now → Go!

Q: What is a Widget?
A: Anything with a part number.

Trading and Brokering

There is a broker/trader market in almost every industry. Typical ERP accounting system do not support your needs well. Tradias is purpose built to support you!

Inspection and Testing

Accuracy and authenticity play an important role in validating the quality of material and services. Testing and inspection helps document and prove results.

Add ERP Capabilities

You have options. Simply plugin in the modules you want, or use Tradias as a full multi-national ERP. Accounting, finance and reporting in the broker space is unique and demanding.

Does your business Broker? Inspect? Test?

Electronic Components

Standards based inspection and quality management for board-level components. Record everything from packaging to destructive testing.

Pipe and Metals

Standards based inspection for each step of the manufacturing process. Record measurements, images and documents.

Your Industry…

There is a broker and test market in almost every industry. If you trade based on part numbers, let us show you how we can help.

Open Source Changes Everything


Brokering and Inspection

We have 20 years of open source software brokering and inspection experience. We believe that open source is the single best way to build, deliver and maintain solutions.


Lower Cost of Ownership

Great companies focus on continuous process improvement. Per-user licenses drain resources away from what is most important to your business.


More Users and All Data

Gone are user and data limits and restrictions. Anyone with a keyboard can support your critical material and service inspection operations.


Built for Decades

Welcome to the last ERP you will deploy. History is one of the best predictors of future success. Let us show you how we support enduring success.